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Microbial biostimulants will be among the fastest growing biological segments in the years ahead

So says Manel Cervera, managing partner at DunhamTrimmer market research firm in anticipation of his presentation at the Redagrícola Biostimulants and Biocontrol Series, which begins this Thursday. 

The global biostimulants market will reach US$ 4 billion by 2022. This is predicted by Manel Cervera, managing partner at the market research firm DunhammTrimmer, which specializes in the analysis of biological input segments.  

In a lecture that will be part of the First Biostimulants and Biocontrol Series, to be presented by Redagrícola this Thursday, April 28 on its online platform, the expert will analyze the trends that determine the growth of this sector. "The market is in an acceleration process that will exceed US$ 7 billion in 2027," says Cervera.

Learn more about the series by clicking here

In the report he will present, the expert separates the segment into microbial and non-microbial biostimulants, and explains that the latter have a larger market that in 2021 totaled some US$ 2.54 billion. However, microbials, which totaled US$ 1.34 billion last year, will lead the growth in the coming years. "Microbial biostimulants are clearly accelerating; they are the fastest growing segment among biostimulants and one of the most dynamic biological products for agriculture," he says.

In his speech, Cervera will give more details on the trends that will drive this market in the coming years, such as the type of crops that will drive demand, the geographic markets with the most dynamism and the type of biostimulants that will be most demanded by the market. 

His talk is part of the first series of Biostimulants and Biocontrol, a day of conferences that Redagrícola presents once a month to deepen in topics and technical and market aspects of the biostimulant segments.  

The first session to be held this Thursday, April 28, will focus on Biostimulants and Nutrient Use Efficiency, in which, in addition to Manel Cervera, global experts will participate, such as Dr. Patrick Brown, University of California, Davis, USA; Dr. Patrick du Jardin, University of Liège, Belgium; Dr. Nicolaus von Wiren, Leibniz Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research, Germany; Dr. Alberto Acedo, CEO of Biome Makers, Spain; and Dr. Rodrigo Ortega Blu, Agriservice, Chile.

The registration fee for this series is US$120, while the six-day package is US$400. You can buy your ticket by clicking here.

The complete list of series is as follows:

  • April 28: Biostimulants & Efficiency in the Use of Nutrients.
  • May 26: New developments in biocontrol (bioprotection) based on microorganisms (bioinsecticides, biofungicides).
  • June 30: Biostimulants made from microorganisms.
  • July 21: Living Soil: biostimulants and bioprotection in soil.
  • 18 de Agosto: Strategies in the use of biostimulants against abiotic stress conditions.
  • October 27: Bioprotection: natural extracts and pheromones.

These series are complemented by the 2nd Biostimulants Latam & Redagrícola Biocontrol Congress, September 28-29, Westin Hotel, Lima.

All information is available at www.biostimulantslatam.com 


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