Silencing the genes that are essential for the survival of a pest. This is, in simple terms, the mechanism being used by a new generation of crop controllers based on what is known as RNA interference, or RNAi. This development is highlighted by Dr Denise Manker of Bayer Crop Science among the innovations that will shape the future of agricultural protection and are being developed by firms in the US, Israel and Europe. Innovation in the field of biological solutions for crops is advancing rapidly, as recognised by Chilean players in this segment. In the sophisticated agricultural market in this country, solutions based on Trichoderma and Bacillus are already close to their potential, leading firms in the sector in Chile - local and global - to drive scientific innovation processes that are already reflected in their extensive lists of products they are ready to bring to market. This is one of the featured stories in this seventh edition of the Biologicals Latam newsletter, a space that tracks scientific and business progress in the area of bioinputs and prepares us for the big meeting we will have in Lima in September: the 2º Congress Biostimulants Latam & Redagrícola Biocontrol. We invite you to find out about these new developments and to join this great meeting where trends that shape the future will converge.

Patricio Trebilcock
Director of Redagricola


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Chile's bioinputs market aims to enter into new stages of innovation and development

In one of Latin America's most sophisticated markets for agricultural biologics, players are looking to move beyond the first generation of formulations created to replace traditional chemicals. They are now targeting new uses and objectives, and transforming themselves into international players.

The future of biocontrol tools

In this video for Redagrícola, specialist Denise Manker presents the innovations on which the world's major biotechnology laboratories are working, such as RNAi. This, with the aim of offering increasingly effective biological tools for crop protection against pests and diseases. 

Manel Cervera and Latin America's key role in the biostimulants market

The Duhnamm Trimmer managing partner explains in this video for Redagrícola that the region has been key in the growth of these solutions in extensive non-leguminous crops, and that it will be the main cause of the acceleration that they will have in the coming years. 

Chinese government seeks biological alternatives to pesticides and fertilizers

New EU Fertilizing Products Regulation includes scope for biostimulants

Researchers create biofertilizer from tomato residues

The biostimulant potential of endophytic probiotics

INIA Chile researcher, Dr. Lorena Barra, refers to several investigations that have shown that facultative endophytic microorganisms fulfill multiple functions both inside and outside plants, such as promoting plant growth. In this video for Redagrícola she delves into the world of endophytic probiotics and their characteristics.

Bayer signs with genetic engineering company to work on agricultural biologics

Bioceres completes acquisition of Marrone Bio to create a bioinputs giant

FBSciences joins biologics industry effort to influence industry regulations

Researchers develop biohacking method against fungal attacks

Keys to accelerate the commercialization of bioinputs

Dr. Matthew Meisner, one of the founders of Farmer Businness Network, the popular U.S. agricultural platform and who will be at the 2nd Biostimulants Congress in Lima, explains that testing bioinputs in the real world as soon as possible, prioritizing practice over perfection and not over-promising are key for the market to develop.

Two Israeli firms seek to patent RNAi-based biostimulant platform for multiple crops

Mustard-derived biopesticide could be the solution for difficult-to-control pests

Murcia develops effective biocontrol method for mite pest that infests citrus crops


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