The scientific and productive transformation that is changing agriculture has hundreds of locations around the world. It happens in a high-tech firm in Davis, California; in an academic laboratory in Ghent, Belgium; or in a cherry farm in central Chile. The decentralized structure of biological innovation, however, requires scale to impact the market. Therefore, Brazil's role in the sector should come as no surprise. As the lead story in this fourth edition of the BiologicalsLatam newsletter shows, a Brazilian company is leading the consolidation of agricultural inputs in the region, absorbing companies with a strong presence in biofertilizers and bioprotection. In addition, the main meat processor in that country, the largest in the world, is starting to produce biofertilizers. Two key examples of the role that the largest country in the region can play in this revolution and which is central to Latin America's positioning in bioinputs. A trend that you can be part of by participating in the Biostimulants & Bioprotection Series that Redagrícola will present from April 29th and which, of course, you can follow by subscribing to this newsletter with exclusive contents.

Patricio Trebilcock
Director of Redagricola


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Brazilian Pátria Seeks To Buy Chile's Largest Distributor Of Bio-inputs And Accelerates Consolidation Of The Sector In Latin America

The São Paulo-based fund manager is negotiating the acquisition of NS Agro, thus extending the unprecedented series of purchases of agricultural input companies in South America and increasing its presence in the biological sector.

Marrone Bio's Footprint In Latin America

The Californian firm that agreed to merge with Argentina's Bioceres a few weeks ago has an important growth plan underway in Latin America for its biocontrol solutions, as well as for the nutrient portfolio of its subsidiary Pro Farm.

Brazilian meat giant JBS enters into the biofertilizer industry

BioConsortia develops two natural nematicides with high efficacy in field trials

Biological Control Of Nematodes, An Alternative For Highly Profitable Crops

The Hybrid Solution That Facilitates The Transition Towards Biologicals In Crops

U.S.-based Provivi and Syngenta agree to distribute pheromone solution against pests affecting rice crops

Brazilian bioinputs company invests US$ 22 million to set up plant in the state of São Paulo

Microbiome analysis: the strategic info for a bio-input strategy

Alberto Acedo, founder and chief scientist of Biome Makers, explains the relevance of the analysis of microorganisms in the soil for a bioinputs strategy. His vision will be one of the protagonists of the first series of Biostimulants and Biocontrol to be presented by Redagrícola on April 28th.

Symborg and Corteva reach global distribution agreement for product that fixes nitrogen from air

Biotalys releases annual financial results and anticipates approval of its first product in USA by second half of 2022

How Bio-inputs Change Heavy Soils Used in Rice Cultivation To Grow Fragile Cherry Crops

The boom of cherry exports to China has resulted in the expansion of plantations towards new productive areas. Many important surfaces that were previously dedicated to rice cultivation are now red with cherry trees. However, this process requires overcoming heavy soil conditions with low permeability. It’s a challenge where the use of organic matter and biostimulants is crucial, as is expressed by adviser Jean Paul Joublan, experienced in the Chilean Mantul Estate.

Agronomist Vatren Jurin joins DunhamTrimmer Bio Intelligence team as VP of Product Development

Spain-based firm Futureco Bioscience Receives Biopesticide Registration in Guatemala


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